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I have forgotten my Nickel card PIN: where can I find it?

There are several ways to get your PIN card code back:

  • In your Nickel Application: go to "Card", “My PIN code : show my PIN code”, then “Authorize display”: your PIN code will be displayed directly on your smartphone. 
  • In your web Customer Area: go to "CARD" then click on "Receive code by SMS".
  • Via our contact form : 
    Click here and then select the following options : 
    Your request concerns: "My Nickel card / My card transactions". 
    Type of request: "Retrieve or resend my card secret code".
  • By calling our Customer Service on 01 76 49 00 00: one of our advisers will be able to send you your PIN code by SMS.

How much does it cost to resend my secret code? 

Each request costs €0.5, directly debited from your Nickel account. This covers the costs charged by our partner for sending the PIN code.

If you have less than €0.5 in your account, you will not be able to receive the code.

You can request the code every 48 hours and no more than twice a month.

The secret code of your Nickel card is sent free of charge and automatically by SMS to the mobile phone number associated with the account when you opened it.

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