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How do I receive a transfer on my Nickel account?

To receive a transfer, all you have to do is provide your bank details (IBAN) to the institution or person who wants to transfer money to you.

To obtain your IBAN:

  • Download it free of charge from your Nickel web Customer Area or Application, in the 'Profile' section ➡ 'View my IBAN'. 
    You can also send your bank details from the Nickel application.

  • Receive it by SMS by texting "RIB" OR "IBAN" to 38063 or 06 33 13 48 64.

  • Go to your Nickel point of sale: the shopkeeper will give you your IBAN on presentation of your Nickel card and your ID. This service costs €1.

Don't hesitate to set up your notifications to be alerted when a transfer arrives on your account.

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