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How do I apply to reopen a Nickel account?

  • Directly online:

If you've already had a Nickel account in the past, you can reopen your account. 
To do so, follow this link (available in English soon) and answer "YES" to the "Have you ever had a Nickel account?" question. 

  • By phone:

You can request the reopening of your Nickel account by calling Customer Service by telephone on 01 76 49 00 00.

Our Nickel team will verify with you your eligibility to reopen your account, as well as your personal information. If your personal information has changed, they may ask you to send supporting documents by email.

On receipt of the supporting documents, Nickel will check the information and validate your request to reopen your account.

What do I do once my re-opening request has been accepted?

Once the request has been validated :

  1. You receive a code by text message
  2. Go to your tobacconist or Nickel Point of Sale 
  3. Present your code and your ID
  4. Buy your new card for €25

Your bank details (RIB/IBAN) remain the same.

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