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How can I order a My Nickel, Nickel Chrome or Nickel Metal card?

If you are not a Nickel customer yet: 

Go directly to our online subscription page to order your name card.


If you already have a Nickel card:

  • Connect to your web client space or Nickel Application
  • Click on the “Card” tab
  • Go to Change offer (at the bottom) then “Compare offers”
  • Choose the desired offer and click on “Order”

Your card will be delivered to the address indicated in your Customer Area within 15 working days.

While waiting to receive your new card, your old card already has the advantages of the new one! And it remains of course usable as long as your new card has not been received and activated.

If you still have not received your card after 15 working days, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service.

How much do My Nickel, Nickel Chrome and Nickel Metal cost?

To know more about our rates, check our dedicated article. 

Make sure your mailing address is up to date before ordering.

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