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How can I block an organization from debiting my account?

You can cancel a direct debit mandate or request a refund if you have already been debited. You have 8 weeks from the date of debit to make your request.

To do so: 

  1. Log on to your web Customer Area
  2. Go to "More", then "Direct debit management"
  3. You will then be able to select the transaction concerned and, choose to:   
  • reject the direct debit: please note that this action will be definitive once you have confirmed your choice.
  • activate the mandate
  • suspend the mandate 
  • definitively block the mandate: you can only select this option if the mandate is closed or unauthorized (fraudulent).

What should I do if the organization tries to debit my account again?

If the organization you've blocked continues to attempt to debit your account, it will appear in your "upcoming debits" and you'll still receive SMS alerts.
Rest assured, the direct debit will be refused on the due date.

Blocking a direct debit mandate on your account prevents the merchant from debiting your account. However, the merchant may continue to make direct debit requests, which may incur charges. This is why you should contact the merchant in question to ask them to stop making direct debit requests on your account, i.e. to stop the mandate (definitive termination).

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