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Why was my cash deposit refused?

You can deposit cash at your tobacconist's or Nickel Point of Sale to fund your account up to a limit of €950 over 30 calendar days (your limit is reset to 0 on the 1st of each month). Your deposit may be refused by the retailer if you have reached this limit..

Text "DEPOSIT" to 38063 or 06 33 13 48 64 (SMS not surcharged) to find out how much cash you can still deposit.

Your cash deposit may also be refused if your Nickel tobacconist does not have enough cash to accept your deposit. 
You can check the list of Nickel Points of Sale to find another one near you if necessary! 
As your account must be credited immediately, the Nickel Point of Sale must have the amount in its business account to be able to make the transfer.

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