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Blocked account: why and what to do?

Nickel is a financial institution and as such must comply with the regulations in force. This regulatory framework allows, above all, to guarantee the proper functioning and in particular the security of the funds entrusted by our clients.

Why do we block certain accounts?

The main reasons for blocking accounts are:

  • when the information provided during subscription does not comply with the eligibility conditions for the Nickel offer
  • when the information provided during subscription is not complete
  • when we have identified inconsistent or atypical behavior on the account and the client does not answer our questions on these operations or that the answers provided did not clarify the situation
  • when the client did not update his personal information despite our reminders
  • when the account balance did not allow us to debit the annual fee despite our reminders

How to unblock your account?

If your account is blocked, follow the instructions specified in the emails we sent you. You can also write to us via our contact form

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