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What are the payment and funding limits for my Nickel account?

Payment limits  : 

Cash withdrawal and payment by card : 


Nickel Standard

My Nickel

Nickel PremiumNickel Metal
Cash WithdrawalDefault at account opening€300 / week€500 / week€700 / week

€1 000 / week

Payment by card:Default at account opening€1500/month€2 000/month€2 500/month

€5 000/month

You can increase or reduce your payment limits in your Nickel Web Client Area or Application.

Wire transfer : 

  • Standard transfer: €30,000 over 30 calendar days
  • Instant transfer: €1,000 over 30 calendar days
  • SMS transfer: maximum €100 per transfer and €200 accumulated over 7 calendar days

For the first two weeks after opening your Nickel account, transfers are limited to €750.

  • 30 calendar days: your limit is reset to 0 on the 1st of each month 
  • 7 calendar days: your limit is reset to 0 every Monday

Limits on funding: 

Cash deposits or top-up by bank card: 

  • 950 € accumulated over 30 calendar days 
  • €250 in cash at the time of activation of the Nickel card 

Transfers : 

  • Incoming transfers: unlimited. You can fund your account without limit. 

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