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Can my Nickel account be in overdraft?

You can only make payments at Nickel if there is sufficient balance in your account. This means that you can never get charged for overdrafts too, because you can't spend more than is in your account.

Exceptional overdraft situations: 


In exceptional situations, Nickel may be required to make a transaction for an amount that exceeds the balance in your account:   

  • A merchant has forced an unauthorised transaction on your account. In this case, of course, you can take legal action against the merchant.
  • You have made a transaction on an offline payment terminal: this can happen on planes, boats or trains, but the amount cannot exceed €20 per month.
  • You have made a payment but the merchant has not sent confirmation of the transaction within 7 days: in this case, we will refund the amount. And if the merchant then sends us confirmation, we will proceed with the payment, regardless of the amount of your balance.
  • You have made a payment abroad in a currency other than the euro: the exchange rate may change between the time the payment is authorized and the time the amount is debited. 

However, if your account is in debit - which is very rare, we assure you! - we invite you to immediately deposit money into your account so that your balance becomes positive or 0 again.

We also recommend that you fund your account sufficiently to pay your direct debits (internet subscription, electricity, etc.). If your balance is insufficient, the direct debit will be refused and you will be charged a refusal fee.


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