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What are the conditions to open a Nickel account?

Nickel is open to everyone aged 18 and over. Everyone is welcome, even people who have been banned from banking. 

You can open an account if you :

  • Are an individual: Nickel is an account for personal use (you cannot use it for a professional activity) 
  • Are legally capable: people under guardianship or trusteeship can open an account under certain conditions. For more information, contact Customer Services. 
  • Have a principal place of residence in Belgium
  • Are a tax resident in Belgium or in a country of the European Union or EFTA (European Free Trade Association: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland).
  • Have a valid mobile number and e-mail address
  • Have a valid form of identification.


What forms of ID are accepted?

  • Belgian national identity card or identity card issued by a European Union country
  • Passport: more than 190 passports are accepted
  • A residence permit issued by a Belgian authority
    Foreign students can open a Nickel account provided that the residence permit states that the holder is authorised to work.

Driving licences are not accepted.

When you sign up, you will need to send us a selfie and a photo of your identity document. Make sure you take the original document and that it is in good condition, legible and visible in full in the photo. Otherwise, we will be forced to block your account until we receive a new photo. 

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