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How do I fund my Nickel account?

To fund your Nickel account, you have several options:

Cash deposit: 

Go to your nearest tobacconist or Point Nickel to deposit your cash. To find it, consult the map of our Points of sale.

When activating your Nickel card, you can deposit up to €250 for free.

Then, up to €950 each month in one or more deposits. Your counter is reset to 0 at the beginning of the month and a 2% commission is deducted from each deposit.

In all cases, the sum is immediately credited to your account.

Bank transfer: 

Log in to the Customer Area of ​​the account to be debited and add your Nickel IBAN as the beneficiary. Enter the desired amount and proceed with the transfer.

The average time for a transfer is 24 to 48 hours. For an immediate transfer, select the instant transfer option.

Can't find your IBAN? Go to this dedicated article.


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