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How to make an international money transfer with RIA and how much does it cost?


Nickel has teamed up with Ria and Monisnap to offer you the possibility of transferring money internationally, directly from your Nickel Application or web Customer Area! You can benefit from the large RIA network with rates specially negotiated by Nickel!


How to make a RIA transfer?

  1. Connect to your Nickel Application or web Customer Area
  2. Click on "Transactions"
  3. Select "RIA Tansferts" and let yourself be guided! 

You will only have to choose between sending cash and making a transfer.

  • Sending cash: 

At the end of the transaction,  you will receive a code. You have to give this code to your beneficiary. He/she can then withdraw the cash at the RIA point of his/her choice upon presentation of the code and his/her identity document.
If your recipient has not collected the money sent within 30 days, your transfer will be automatically canceled. You will be credited with the amount of the transfer as well as the amount of the commission associated with this transfer.

The first transfer is free regardless of the amount or country of destination: take advantage of it! 🤩🙂

  • Wire transfer:

As soon as the amount is validated, the money will be available in the beneficiary's account under 1 to 2 working days.

How much does it cost to transfer money with RIA?

Nickel has agreed competitive rates that do not exceed 5% of the amount sent, while competitors charge 6-7% or even more!
The fees depend on the country you're sending money to and whether you send money by cash or wire transfer.

What minimum and maximum amounts can I send with RIA?

You can send up to €1000 every month. Except for the first 15 days you are a Nickel customer, then you are limited to €300.
The minimum amount is €5 per transfer and the maximum amount is €750 per transfer.

How do I cancel a RIA transfer in progress?

It is not possible to cancel a wire transfer.

To cancel a cash transfer, here are the steps to follow:

  • Through the Nickel app:

Go to the “Transfert RIA” section
After entering your RIA code, go to “My transfers”
Select the transfer you want to cancel 
Click on “Cancel my transaction”

From your web Customer Area:

Go to the “PLUS” tab
Click on “Money transfer with Ria”
After entering your RIA code, go to “My transfers”
Select the transfer you want to cancel
Click on “Cancel my transaction”

Your transfer will be canceled within 3 to 4 business days.

Your RIA code is the code you set when you first logged in to RIA.

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