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How do I change my phone number?

We offer you 2 ways to change your phone number:

From your web Customer Area or Nickel Application:

  1. Go to “Profile”, “View my profile”, Section “Contact”
    > On the Application: click on the pencil
    > On the web: click on “modify” then select “Telephone number”
  2. Then, let yourself be guided!
    You will be asked to confirm the change by entering a security code sent by email (via Utile@compte-Nickel.com). Then you will be sent a code by SMS to verify your new phone number. We like it when everything is secure 🔒😉! 
  3. Enter the security code that will be sent to you by email

Via our contact form:  

  1. Complete and sign this document 
  2. Scan your identity document (identity card, passport or residence permit (valid or expired title + renewal receipt)). 
  3. Send us these elements via our contact form.

Wait 24 to 48 hours for your request to be processed.

For security reasons, you will have to wait 24 hours to make a new request to change your personal details (postal address, email address and telephone number).

Never communicate the security codes received by SMS. These codes are personal and confidential, and must remain so.

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