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What is a "transaction in process"?

Many of your transactions may be direct debits; these are debited immediately from your account.

However, a merchant may send a request for a pre-authorization for direct debit. 
These transactions will then appear on your account with a watch icon.

The merchant has 8 calendar days to confirm the transaction. The amount will then be debited from your account and the "pending" icon will disappear again. 

After this period, and without notice from the merchant, the transaction is automatically cancelled and your balance is re-credited. 
The amount of a transaction pending may differ from the actual amount of your transaction.

For example, when you fill up with gasoline, the gas station may charge a higher amount than the actual amount due. The amount is then adjusted to the actual amount within 8 days.

If the transaction still appears as a debit in your account after the 8-day period, it means it has been confirmed by the merchant. If you still dispute the transaction after the 8 days, it is a commercial dispute.

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