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Article updated by Matt 8 months ago - 2 min read

How to remove my Nickel card from Apple Pay?

You can easily remove your Nickel card from Apple Pay. 

From your Nickel Application: 

  1. Connect to your Nickel Application
  2. Go to “Cards”
  3. Click on “Apple Pay”
  4. Select the card to remove
  5. Choose the reason you want to remove your card
  6. Confirm

From your Apple device:

  • iPhone: 
    - Open the Wallet app 
    - Select the card you want to remove
    - Click on the blue icon in the right corner
    - Scroll down and click on the “Remove This Card”
  • Apple Watch:
    - On your Apple Watch, tap the Wallet app 
    - Tap the card you want to remove 
    - Scroll down and tap “Remove”
  • iPad: 
    - Go to “Systems Settings”, then “Wallet et Apple Pay”
    - Click the card you want to remove, and click on “Remove" 

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