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Article updated by Anna 3 months ago - 1 min read

How can I change my first name on my card (True Name feature)?

With True Name, you can choose the first name that will appear on your Nickel card, independently of the one that appears on your ID. This service is open to everyone, and is completely free of charge (excluding the cost of the card itself).

  1. Log in to your Nickel application
  2. Go to "CARD" then "OUR OFFERS" 
  3. Choose the offer you want: My Nickel, Nickel Premium or Nickel Metal
  4. Select the personalization you want for your My Nickel or Nickel Premium (color) card
  5. Change your first name if you wish to


Remember to check the conditions for some purchases, sometimes a match between the ID and payment card information is requested.

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