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My card is about to expire: how do I replace it?

Replacing your card is free and we guarantee it will be sent before your current card expires.

We support you every step of the way:

  1. 2 months before: we will contact you, by email and in your Nickel Customer Area, to initiate the renewal of your card.
    From your Customer Area, you can then:
    - Confirm or modify your address to which we will send the new card by going to the “Profile” tab
    - Confirm or modify your offer: Nickel, My Nickel, Chrome, Metal. To discover their advantages, click here!
  2. 45 days before: we confirm your order  
  3. At least 15 days before: you receive your new card directly at home!
  4. Upon receipt: you can activate your card from your Customer Area

All is left to do is enjoy your Nickel services! 😉


You have not received your new card yet? 

  • Check your contact details from the “Profile” tab of your Customer Area and update them if necessary
  • Contact our customer service: they can help you obtain your new card

You are in a hurry and need a new card immediately? 

  1. Cancel your card directly from your web Customer Area or Application
  2. A replacement code will be sent to you
  3. Go to a Nickel tobacconist or Point of Sale to replace your Nickel card. You will need to show the replacement code.

This solution only applies to classic Nickel cards and costs €12.50.

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