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CAF, RSA and Pôle Emploi payment dates in 2024

You can receive and direct your allowances to your Nickel account.
Accounts are credited during the day.
Generally the RSA payment date occurs on the 5th day of the month. This date may vary if the 5th falls on a weekend or public holiday.


Official CAF and RSA payment schedule for 2024:

Payment forPaid on
January 2024Monday February 5, 2024
February 2024Tuesday March 5, 2024
March 2024Friday April 5, 2024
April 2024Monday May 6, 2024
May 2024Wednesday June 5, 2024
June 2024Friday July 5, 2024
July 2024Monday August 5, 2024
August 2024Thursday September 5, 2024
September 2024Friday October 4, 2024
October 2024Tuesday November 5, 2024
November 2024Thursday December 5, 2024
Décember 2024Monday January 6, 2025

If Caf notices that you have not received the amount to which you were entitled, it will pay you the difference. It may take up to 10 days to be credited to your account.

Official Pôle emploi payment schedule for 2024:

Payment forPaid on
January 2024Thursday February 1st, 2024
February 2024Friday March 1st, 2024
March 2024Monday April 1st, 2024
April 2024Thursday May 2nd, 2024
May 2024Monday June 3rd, 2024
June 2024Monday July 1st, 2024
July 2024Thursday August 1st, 2024
August 2024Monday September 2nd, 2024
September 2024Tuesday October 1st, 2024
October 2024Monday November 4th, 2024
November 2024Monday December 2nd, 2024
December 2024Thursday January 2nd, 2025

To be paid quickly, every month, remember to declare your situation as soon as the update opens on the Pôle Emploi website.

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