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Article updated by Anna 7 months ago - 1 min read

I've lost my access code to my customer area: how do I find it?

Go to your web Customer Area or your Nickel Application 

  1. Enter your 10-digit identifier (located on the back of your Nickel card) then validate
  2. Click on "Forgot access code"
  3. Enter your telephone number (the one you gave us) and your ID number
  4. Click on "Reset access code "
  5. Create your new access code
  6. Confirm this new code
  7. Validate by entering the code received by text message

To secure your access code:  

  • Don't write it down anywhere 
  • Don't use a code that is too simple, such as your date of birth 
  • Change it regularly: to do so, go to your Nickel Customer area or Application in the "PROFILE" tab.

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