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How do I block my card in case of fraud or loss?

If you have lost your card or noticed a transaction on your account for which you are not responsible, we advise you to block your card.

Blocking your card is permanent. You will no longer be able to perform transactions with this card and you will have to reactivate it. However, your account will remain open.

To block your card, go to your online customer area or your Nickel app:

  • Click on the "Card" tab
  • Click on "BLOCK MY CARD"
  • Choose the reason for blocking your card: fraudulent card, lost card or stolen card. 
  • Confirm the blocking.

If you cannot access your online customer area or your Nickel App:

  • Call our dedicated number on 02 891 29 89

    You can also contact customer service on 02 891 29 80 to block your card.
    To replace your Nickel card after blocking your card, consult this article.

Blocking your card does not automatically close your account. You can still use Nickel services to pay and be paid. Future direct debits and contributions will be debited from your account.

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