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How can I open a Nickel account?

Directly online

Go to https://welcome.nickel.eu/ and let us guide you! It only takes a few minutes to sign up online. 
Once you've registered, you'll receive a 5-digit code by text message. 

Go to the tobacconist or Point Nickel of your choice with:

  • your 5-digit code (valid for 15 days)
  • your ID
  • €20 to purchase your card

At a Nickel Point

Bring your ID and a phone.

Go to the Nickel point of your choice and ask for a Nickel card (€20).

Once you've collected your card:

The shopkeeper will give you proof that you have opened an account with your bank details. You will receive the secret code for your Mastercard by text message. You can use your card immediately.

Once you have your Nickel Classic card, you can change your card offer to My Nickel, Nickel Premium or Nickel Metal directly from your Nickel Customer Area or Nickel application.

You can deposit up to €250 in cash instantly and free of charge when you open your account.

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