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How to add my Nickel card on Apple Pay?

To pay with Apple Pay, simply add your Nickel card to your Apple Pay Wallet. This way you can pay directly in shop or online with your Apple device.  This service is 100% free and secure 🙂
You can register your Nickel card on up to 2 devices.

From your Nickel Application: 

  1. Connect to your Nickel Application 
  2. Go to “Cards”
  3. Click on "Add to Wallet”
  4. Check the last 4 numbers of your card that appear automatically on the screen 
  5. Accept the General Terms and Conditions 
  6. Enter the code sent by SMS to confirm the operation


From your Apple device :

  • iPhone: 
    - In the Wallet app, tap the Add button “+”
    - Tap “Debit or credit card”
    - Scan your card or fill on your card numbers to add it manually  
    - Accept the General Terms and Conditions
    - Enter the code sent by SMS to confirm the operation
  • Apple Watch: on your paired iPhone, open the Apple Watch app, then in the “My Watch” app, tap “Wallet & Apple Pay” and “Add Card”
  • iPad: go to settings and open “Wallet & Apple Pay”. Then tap “Add Card”
  • MacBook: go to “Systems Preferences”, then “Wallet & Apple Pay” and click on “Add Card” 

For the first 15 days after registering your card with Apple Pay, you will only be able to spend a maximum of €200 with Apple Pay. After that, the usual payment limits will apply. 

In the event of fraud or loss of your Nickel card, remember also to deactivate its digitised version, directly in the "Cards" tab of your Application.

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