How to open a Nickel account?

How to open a Nickel account:

1- Via the online subscription for opening an adult account
2- In 5 minutes at one Nickel partner for a minor account and an adult account
Check out the documents you'll need when you open here

Steps to open an account with a partner tobacconist:

1- Buy a Nickel box containing your future Nickel Mastercard (€ 20) at the cash desk.
2- On the Nickel terminal:
  • scan your credentials,
  • validate the information entered,
  • Sign the General and Tariff Conditions.
3- The tobacconist will give you a ticket justifying the opening of your account which includes your IBAN with the full details of your account. Your card can be used immediately.
If you signed up online, you just need to collect your card and IBAN directly from a Nickel point of sale.

Steps to open an account online:

1- Register online on the form, add your proof of identity and fill in your phone number.
2- You will receive a 5-digit code by sms (valid for 15 days).
Under current Covid19 related circumstances, your subscription code is valid for 30 days.
3- Go to the Nickel dealer of your choice.
4- Buy your Nickel box and give your 5-digit code to the tobacconist so that he can finalise your account opening, activate your card and give you your bank details.

Once the account is opened:

  • You receive by sms and in a totally secure way your secret code of Mastercard.
  • You can, if you wish, deposit cash (€ 250) instantly and free of charge into your account for the first deposit.
Then you can:
  • Create your Nickel customer area from the app or on the web customer area.
  • Reload your account by credit card
  • Set up your email and sms alerts
💡 To finalize a subscription made before March 18, 2021, remember to validate your mailing address between 1 and 30 days after account opening. If you signed up for Nickel after this date, you do not need to validate your mailing address.
How do I order my Nickel Premium card? 
Once a customer, you'll be able to order the Nickel  Premium card from the app or your Nickel customer area for an additional € 30
The Nickel Premium card is a nominative card and is available in 4 colours.
It allows you to pay the minimum amount of fees abroad and benefit from 100% useful insurance.

How do I subscribe to Nickel Premium?

You can order Nickel Premium from the tobacconist as soon as you open your Nickel account. Talk to your press shop owner when you activate your card. If you're already a customer, you can sign up for Nickel Premium directly from your customer area or your mobile app.
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