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How much does Nickel cost?

At Nickel, you can get 1 account, 1 card, 1 Belgian IBAN for €25 per year.

Then it all depends on your needs. You can choose the card that suits you best:

  Annual feecard fees
NickelThe classic one€25/
My NickelThe card designed for you€25€10 every 5 years
Nickel PremiumIt has you covered!€25€30
Nickel MetalThe ultimate card€25€80 

To find out more about our card offers: see our dedicated page.

Regardless of the offer chosen, the following operations are always free:

  • 1st cash deposit up to a limit of €250
  • 3 withdrawals per month from all Nickel Points
  • All standard transfers sent to the Euro zone
  • All received transfers 
  • Foreign exchange commissions when paying abroad


Fund your account:

 Nickel Standard &
My Nickel
Nickel PremiumNickel Metal
By Bank transferFreeFreeFree
Cash deposit

3% of the deposited amount

Top up by card

2% of the deposited amount

Cash withdrawals and payments:

 Nickel &
My Nickel
Nickel PremiumNickel Metal
Cash withdrawals at a Nickel Point in Belgium3 free withdrawals per month, thereafter €0.5 per withdrawal
Cash withdrawal in euros at an ATM in the euro zone€1,5€1,5Free
Cash withdrawal from an ATM outside the euro zone€2,5€1,5Free
Payment by card in eurosFreeFreeFree
Payment by card in a currency other than the euro€1FreeFree

Need more information? Visit this page.

To consult our general and tariff conditions, applicable since July 2024, click here.

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