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How do you spot and report fraud?

How to spot attempted fraud?

  • Check the name and e-mail address used by the sender
  • Beware of spelling mistakes
  • Don't click on links received by SMS or e-mail that take you to your Customer Area or any other site asking for your access codes.

Please note that our teams and our partner tobacconists and Points of Sale will never ask you:

  • to access your account: keep your login and password to yourself!
  • to communicate your personal and confidential data: they are secret, and must remain so 
  • to make bank transfers
  • to carry out any type of operation in a hurry. For example, we won't ask you to log in to your Customer Area at short notice telling you that otherwise we will block your account.

How do I report these fraudulent e-mails?

If you have even the slightest doubt, you can:

  • Contact our teams directly on 01 76 49 00 00 to verify the information received by email or SMS
  • Forward us suspicious emails / fake Facebook profiles to the following address: fraudeur@compte-nickel.fr

Screenshots are not enough to stop fraudsters. Don't hesitate to forward us your emails. For social networks, you can indicate the nickname used and/or the name of the page concerned.

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