How can I create a structured communication during a transfer?

A transfer with a structured communication is a combination of three groups of 12 (three, four and five, respectively) digits (e.g., +++090/9337/55493++) separated by a slash. There are always three plus signs or stars before and after the communication.


We know that with other banks you only have to fill in the digits and that the plus signs and slashes are already shown but at Nickel we ask that you write everything down for the time being for a structured communication. So indeed also fill in the plus signs/stars and slashes with the number code.


So if you want to do a transaction with a structured communication you do it best this way:


  • Via the application: 
  • Click on 'TRANSACTIONS'
  • Then click on 'New transfer
  • Then click on the desired beneficiary
  • Fill in the amount to be sent
  • And then in the box 'Label' you can fill in the structured communication

For example:


  • Then click on 'Next'.
  • You will then see the overview of your transaction
  • Finally, click on 'Make a transfer'.

And that was it! 


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