How do I stop payment on my card in case of fraud?

My account has been hacked, what can I do?


If you did not initiate a transaction on your account, it may mean that your Nickel card has been used fraudulently.


You must then immediately proceed tostop your Nickel card.
How do I stop using my Nickel card?
  • Oppose your card from your customer area Nickel or on the mobile app then click on "Oppose" at the top right
  • Call Nickel's customer service at 02 891 29 80 and use choice 1 then choice 1 again.
    You will immediately receive your replacement code by SMS
  • Call the Opposition Centre on 02 891 29 89 (Call Centre open 24/7) or from abroad on +322 891 29 89.

Discover in pictures how to oppose your card directly:
  • from your Nickel application:


  • From your Nickel Customer Centre :
How to contest the fraudulent transaction?


To contest a transaction you must send us these 2 documents:


  • A copy of your complaint
  • The dispute mail using this frame.
  • You can also download and send us the paper version here


Via our contact form or by postal mail: Financière des Paiements Électroniques - Koningsstraat 144-146, 1000 Brussels.
How do I replace my Nickel card after I've cancelled it?


You can then make the replacement of your card directly online or at a Nickel terminal.


💡 For added security, NNickel offers you the ability to temporarily lock/unlock your card from and then your Nickel customer area.


This feature is free and unlimited.


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